Epipole launch epiCam C, a new colour video fundus camera

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UK (13th December 2016) – Epipole Ltd. announce the launch of epiCam C, their latest colour hand-held fundus camera.

Retinal video is a game changer. With some patients you get only one chance for a good retinal image, but with high resolution video you can extract the best still images later.

You can pan and tilt the device to see retina beyond the conventional desktop camera field of view, and being non-contact and lightweight, you can take it to your seated or prone patients of all ages.

It connects to a standard Windows laptop, PC or tablet via USB cable and has no battery to charge. The epiCam C is affordable as your primary imaging device or as a complement to much more expensive devices.

First production units are currently being evaluated by leading ophthalmologists in the UK and beyond and orders are being taken for delivery in early January 2017.

Epipole CEO, Craig Robertson commented “many customers have requested a colour version of our novel amber light epiCam M device. The engineering team have developed this in a remarkable timescale without compromising on image quality. Epipole will continue to develop innovative, high quality products that help reduce the incidence of avoidable blindness around the world. epiCam C is a fine example of such a product.”

Enquiries to:

Craig Robertson, CEO
Charlie Wardrop, Business Development
Phone  +44 (0)7434 114722
Email  charlie@epipole.com

Note: epiCam C was referred to internally as Project Seafire during development, and some early published research refers to the epiCam C as Epipole Seafire.

About Epipole

Epipole is a Scottish ISO13485 certified medical device business, approved by the MHRA for the design and manufacture of retinal imaging devices.

Epipole was founded in 2011 by Dr Craig Robertson, an expert in vision systems, algorithm development and mathematical problem solving. The Epipole team between them hold over 90 years of experience in bringing commercial retinal imaging systems to market, during which they have started 10 businesses and developed over 35 products. The patented epiCam optical design was created by retinal imaging expert and winner of the European Inventor of the Year, Bob Henderson