Model Eyes

The Model Eye is an optical replica of the human eye. It can be used for training medical students to use ophthalmoscopes and hand-held fundus cameras. It’s also found use at some of the world’s leading technology companies, research institutes and universities.


Available with 4mm (non-mydriatic) and 7mm (mydriatic) pupils and an illustrative retina image as standard, and as a 4mm pupil/resolution target version.

2, 3 and 5mm pupils, varying lengths of eye to simulate and myopia and hyperopia, and a range of retinal images and patterns are available as custom options.


The Model Head fits a standard TV or monitor mount for the ultimate in flexible positioning. Model Eyes are secured in place with magnets.

Research Grade

Originally designed the Model Eye to test the limits of retinal imaging equipment, it’s also available with a USAF 1951 resolution target for testing resolving power of ophthalmic equipment.

Other fully customised variants can be designed and made to order.

Optically realistic eyes for ophthalmic training & research

Water-filled and with high quality lenses, the Model Eye optically behaves as a real eye does – including creating reflex. Set within the Model Head, it allows students to practice their imaging technique while managing access issues. Different pupil diameters, refractive errors and printed retina images can be selected for ever more challenging educational examinations.

Going far beyond the painted ping-pong balls and plastic lenses seen in many training models, the Model Eye optics are based on the Gullstrand-Le Grand Schematic Eye. Water replicates the refractive index of the vitreous, while high-precision coated glass lenses reproduce the corneal shell and eye lens. Various designs of high resolution retina patterns and images are available.

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