Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Dear All,

As the Coronavirus outbreak continues, we are all being challenged to keep our lives and companies together. Like many other organisations in this sector, Epipole have taken steps to protect the health and wellbeing of our staff. We have moved out of our headquarters into our own homes to continue developing, building and maintaining our medical device portfolio. We are now “striping” access to our office space and facilities to maintain a presence there and have access to our benches - while maintaining social distancing and preventing virus transmission.

Epipole remains completely committed to providing service to our customers and we will do that as well as we can over the coming weeks. There is no slowdown in the production of devices.


In line with the Government’s advice we have cancelled our attendance at all events at least until the end of May. Events beyond that are being reviewed. Staff travel on our behalf is cancelled and there will be no demonstration visits during this period.

However, because our unique devices stream live video we can still always do demos from our desk and show you around a live human eye (or perhaps a dog if one is passing) – just ask!

Working at Home

We have moved the bulk of our activities online. This means that when you contact us, we may “meet” with you virtually using Skype or your favourite tele-conferencing platform. If you need to know a particular Skype address, just email our info@epipole.com email address and request it.

We wish all of our customers, visitors and friends good health. See you on Social Media or drop us a line as you normally would.

Here’s hoping you keep safe and well, best regards

The Epipole Team


epiCam is being used in clinics and studies around the world. Read full testimonials here.
  • ...epiCam is revolutionary. In time, the ophthalmologist will abandon his ophthalmoscope and lenses in favour of a laptop or tablet connected to the epiCam.
    Dr. Zia Carrim MBChB(Hons) FRCOphth
  • ...Being able to run the epiCam M from a mobile phone or tablet is unique for such a high quality camera.
    Dr. Andrew Blaikie MB ChB, BSc (Path), FRCOphth
  • ...enter a world of new opportunities in comparative ophthalmology.
    Prof. Sheila Crispin BSc, MA, VetMB, PhD, DVA, DVOphthal, DipECVO, FRCVS
  • ...With the epiCam, the entire examination can be recorded...
    Dr. Zia Carrim MBChB(Hons) FRCOphth
  • ...acquisition of good retinal images from patients who would otherwise be hard to image...
    Dr. Andrew Blaikie MB ChB, BSc (Path), FRCOphth
  • ...epiCam V offers a cost-effective technology platform for the first opinion general practitioner to gather high-fidelity images of the fundus...
    Simon Doherty BVMS CertAqV MRCVS MRQA CBiol FRSB
  • ...an excellent, portable hand-held product ideal for near patient retinal read-out...
    Prof. Baljean Dhillon BMed Sci(Hons) BM BS FRCPS(Glasg) FRCS(Ed) FRCOphth


Three groundbreaking hand-held fundus cameras

epiCam M is the original epiCam. Its monochrome amber light is optimised for viewing vasculature - ideal for diseases such as diabetic retinopathy.

epiCam C is a new colour camera, also delivering superb resolution. With a white light and brand new sensor and optical coatings, it's an excellent general purpose retinal video camera.

epiCam V is a brand new camera for veterinary use, tuned to give a range of illumination levels ideal for dogs, cats and horses.


Shoot video

Examine areas of interest in real time, then watch again to freeze fleeting glances in fast-moving eyes.

See the detail

High quality optics enable both epiCam models to resolve features below 10 microns in size.

Great images

Pan and tilt to see retina beyond the conventional desktop view, and freeze still images wherever you need.

Take it with you

A non-contact, lightweight device you can take to your seated or prone patients of all ages.



Epipole is an innovative, engineering-led company tackling the causes of preventable blindness

A team of optics, imaging and eyecare experts led by Dr Craig Robertson and featuring multiple award-winning optical engineer Bob Henderson, Epipole is creating and deploying cutting edge technology at a revolutionary price point.

We're an ISO13485 certified medical device business, approved by the MHRA for the design and manufacture of retinal imaging devices. Based in Scotland, UK, Epipole's products take on diseases that cause preventable blindness, wherever they occur in the world. Learn more about us here.


Shipping globally, wherever CE marked medical devices are approved for sale. Distributor enquiries welcome.


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