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We’re incredibly proud of the imaging devices we produce, and of the impact we are making to the global eyecare markets, so of course we want to shout from the rooftops how great our technology is. 

But don’t just take our word for it…

Dr Vitto Mena OD, MS Sports Vision Director, Optical Academy

The Mobile Revolution

“Put simply, the epiCam enables better patient care due to a higher level of flexibility and clinical utility than we were able to get in the field previously.


Having imaging available in the field — captured live in real-time — also creates a great opportunity to educate the patient on their eye health as well.


Technology like this is what makes our business possible; helping us bring the care direct to the patient for home visits, to the mobility impaired, as well as pediatrics.” 

Triage Improves Flow

“Doctors and the healthcare system are not keeping pace with the number of people developing eye complications from diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. 

Triage tools for examining these patients need to be faster, better, smaller, and more mobile. 

The epiCam is one such innovation that meets the critical care needs of the 21st Century.”

Dr Dorothy Hitchmoth, ‘America’s Eye Doctor’

epiCam: Making a Difference

Peer-Reviewed Technology

“In a world where handheld technologies are rapidly outpacing desktop imaging device adoption, epipole has delivered a fascinating and innovative device, and we look forward to seeing more from them in the future.”

Full article can be found on the Review Optometric Business website: 


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