epiCam is a handheld fundus camera that uses Video Direct Ophthalmoscopy, an advanced technology platform that offers eye care professionals the ability to capture live high-resolution video while simultaneously capturing high-resolution still images. 

Ultra portable and lightweight, the epiCam’s full colour touch screen display gives you complete control at your fingertips throughout your epiStream eye exam.  Pan and tilt with ease to capture an ultra-wide view, our smart “always in focus” feature works seamlessly with multi-illuminants to give you a truly modern & comprehensive look at the retina in all its complexity.

Our accompanying Review Station connects wirelessly and seamlessly to the epiCam for immediate review. Loaded with our proprietary client software , the user can review images, capture still images from video streams, annotate images and retrieve previous epiStreams for side-by-side comparison.


Image Quality

Live Video : Live, real-time presentation & recording of living retinal tissue & vessels

Still Images : Live capture still images during examination, or extract the images you need from the session video later

Multi-illuminant : Easily switch between Deep Red (non IR), Amber & Full Color at the touch of a button

Pan & Tilt : See beyond the conventional view of a desktop camera

Ease of Use

Handheld : Lightweight (1lb), compact & mobile (wireless)

Focus : Effortless image & video capture with smartAlways in Focus” feature

Ultra-portable : Anyone, Anywhere – in practice, remote clinics, bedside, difficult-to-image or restricted mobility patients

Non-contact : Maintain physical distance  

Practice Efficiency

Patient Flow : Save time & increase efficiency by imaging patients directly in the examination lane, no need for separate area

Compact : Lightweight & portable, the epiCam won’t take up valuable space in your busy practice

Remote Support : Customised online platform for remote demonstration, installation, set-up and technical support

Low Cost : Our Product-as-a-Service model means no upfront capital cost, continuous access to the most up to date technology & peace of mind 

Review Station: epiCam’s Bespoke Software Platform

Wireless : epiCam connects wirelessly & seamlessly to accompanying laptop for immediate review

Software : Review images, capture stills from video streams & annotate images for referral

Report : Report function can be customised and edited to your individual needs

epiCloud : Retrieve previous epiStreams for side-by-side comparison

Retinal healthcare in motion.

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