Introducing the epiCam 

Ultraportable Retinal Imaging

Compact and lightweight, this handheld fundus camera is hand crafted for the modern medical practitioner. 

Utilizing advanced optics technology, cutting edge design and custom-built software, the epiCam empowers eye care professionals with a complete, ultraportable, high resolution retinal imaging system, delivering live HD video and the simultaneous capture of detailed still images, all in the palm of their hand. 

epiCam – where innovation meets efficiency

Fundus Flexibility

  • In-lane imaging / triage – negates the need to move patient during exam for imaging while improving practice flow

  • Training provided – upskill your whole team to assist with imaging

  • Accessible imaging for remote / difficult to image patients

  • ‘Image Patients You Couldn’t Image Before’ – with the epiCam

Incredible Quality Images

  • Live capture still images (and video!) during examination, quickly and easily
  • Instantly memorialize individual images from the video streams (epiStreams)
  • Annotate and generate reports exactly as needed
  • Easily switch between White Light, Choroid Imaging, and RNFL, all on a single, ultraportable device
  • Suitable for both mydriatic and non-mydriatic patients

Custom Software

  • epiCam connects wirelessly & seamlessly to accompanying laptop for immediate review

  • Review images, capture stills from video streams & annotate images for referral

  • Report function can be customised and edited to your individual needs

  • Retrieve previous epiStreams for side-by-side comparison

Portable Power

  • Ultra-portable, retinal imaging solution

  • Take everything with you – for use in-clinic, out of practice, or out on the road

  • Handheld and lightweight (1 lb) – provided in military-grade Nanuk™ Storage Case

  • “Always-in-Focus” feature enables effortless video and image capture – both in mydriatic and non-mydriatic patients

  • Intuitive touch-screen controls on epiCam and Review Station makes imaging sessions quick and easy

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