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Welcome to our company values page, where the heart and soul of our organization shines through. 

At our core, we have always believed that ‘Company Values’ aren’t something handed down from a distant, faceless, corporate entity, but instead are things that should be cultivated collaboratively, with the whole team involved – This way the values are truly ours. 

These values serve as our guiding light, helping to shape our decisions, interactions, and our contributions to the world around us. 

"The Eradication of Preventable Blindness"

Formed in 2011, by Dr Craig Robertson, with the aspirational intent of ‘eradicating preventable blindness’, epipole is not just another imaging company – We’re on a mission to revolutionize the eyecare industry with our retinal imaging devices, and we are doing it with style and personality!

With our flexible purchase and support options available, we make it all as easy as possible to access our technology; because let’s face it, retinal imaging shouldn’t be a pain in the eye.

Our innovative solutions support healthcare professionals in their day to day, whilst also enabling them to do things they weren’t doing before; by helping them take eye care directly to existing (and new) out-of-practice patients, wherever they are.

By supporting our practitioners, and actively helping them generate more revenue for their practices, we help them grow, which in turn helps us grow our business too; this then benefits our close-knit team, and supports future product development.

On top of this, our academic partnerships are helping support future developments in global eye healthcare – from Europe to the US, our partners are helping lead the scientific revolution around the world, and we couldn’t be prouder to be involved.

Welcome to seeing things in a whole new light.

"Wherever there is an eye exam, there’s an epiCam"

This vision stems from our commitment to revolutionizing the field of optometry, whilst making eye care more accessible to people worldwide, wherever they are. By supporting clinicians deploying our advanced camera technology to various locations, such as clinics, hospitals, busy urban centres, and even remote areas without existing equipment, we aim to overcome the barriers of time, distance, and affordability that often limit access to comprehensive eye examinations. Our cameras capture high-resolution video and still images of the eye, with a device so powerful, and a custom software interface so intuitive and easy to use, it makes retinal examinations as quick, clean and as easy as possible. Everything about our devices is designed around ultra-portability and ease of use. This means that our product is designed from the ground up to empower medical professionals to deliver prompt and reliable eye care, promote overall visual health, and enhance quality of life wherever we can – and wherever they are. Join us on our journey to make our vision a reality, as we strive to ensure that wherever there are optical professionals conducting eye exams, we have a camera to suit. See More with epiCam.

"We Care"

At epipole we strongly believe in the power of collaboration, and so when writing our company values, we actively sought input from our entire team (from the intern to the CEO!)

We did this because we wanted our Values to speak to the people that work here, and resonate with everyone directly and personally, rather than some stereotypical, cookie cutter ‘corporate values’ passed down from up on high. 

Through collaborative idea sharing, ‘round table’ meetings, meticulous analysis, and thoughtful consideration of every input, we are thrilled to announce that the essence of our collective effort and dedication can be distilled into two simple yet profound words: “We Care“

These two words beautifully encapsulate the ethos of our organisation. They represent our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional retinal imaging solutions with a deep sense of compassion and empathy.

“We Care” serves as a powerful reminder of our shared purpose and the significant impact we strive to make in the field of retinal health.

Through collaborative idea sharing, regarding what is important to us, our Values were born

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