epiCam’s Environmental Credentials

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We’ve been asked a lot recently about the environmental impact of epiCam.

The three core principles of good design for the environment are to reduce, reuse, recycle. In that order.

  • Reduce: use as little energy and material as possible.
  • Reuse: extend the life of the product as long as possible.
  • Recycle: only when you have no other option do you send materials for reprocessing

In designing epiCam, we integrated thought for the environmental impact of the device right into the original concept.

  • epiCam is constructed from very few parts. This is why it’s so small, affordable and robust. We operate a local, lean manufacturing process with near zero waste, and ship with the minimum of packaging. We use a standard USB interface and your own, existing laptop.
  • It’s designed to be tough and last a very long time – the illumination is good for over 10,000 hours. If and when devices are returned to us, we reuse as many components as possible (subject to strict cleaning and quality rules).
  • The whole device can be disassembled (don’t try this at home – it’ll void your warranty!) and we don’t use co-moulded plastics. Parts can be separated and recycled, from the ABS shell to the glass lenses and aluminium lens carriers. The electronics are RoHS-compliant.

We hope that gives you confidence in epiCam’s environmental credentials.