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Desktop retinal imaging cameras have long been the default choice for eyecare practices, offering high-resolution images of the retina for diagnostic and monitoring purposes, and their use has been indispensable in detecting various eye conditions and diseases. However, the advent of portable retinal imaging devices has revolutionized the landscape, providing practitioners with unprecedented flexibility and convenience. Portable devices empower eyecare professionals to extend their services beyond the confines of traditional clinical settings, enabling on-the-go screenings, outreach programs, and telemedicine consultations. This versatility not only enhances patient access to care but also expands the reach of eyecare businesses, fostering greater efficiency and innovation in delivering comprehensive eye health services.
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Patient Care, Anywhere:

Enhanced patient convenience: Portable fundus cameras allow for eye examinations to be conducted in more flexible locations, reducing the need for patients to travel to a clinic

Comprehensive patient care: Integrating portable fundus cameras into practice allows for more thorough and comprehensive eye examinations, enhancing the quality of care provided

Increased Imaging Flexibility: Increased portability and imaging flexibility assists in imaging non-compliant patients, as well as those who struggle to sit in front of a desktop device

Patient comfort: Portable devices offer a more comfortable and relaxed examination experience compared to traditional desktop equipment

Improve Practice Efficiency - Do More:

Streamlined workflow: Portable devices facilitate quick and efficient image capture, minimizing wait times and optimizing patient flow

Telemedicine capabilities: Enable remote consultations from the field, improving access to specialist care for patients unable to visit a clinic in person

Time Efficiency: Handheld fundus cameras can capture images quickly – by staff in-lane, and the imagery delivered directly to the optometrist(s), helping streamline patient flow

Multi-Color, One Device: Image using multiple imaging modalities (eg White Light, Choroid and RNFL) on a single portable device

Good For Business:

Practice differentiation: Offering portable fundus imaging sets your practice apart by demonstrating a commitment to innovation and patient-centered care

Professional development: Investing in portable imaging technology allows optometrists to stay at the forefront of their field, providing opportunities for ongoing learning and skill development

Practice growth: Incorporating portable fundus cameras into your practice is a scalable way to attract a broader patient demographic and foster practice expansion opportunities

Increased Reach: Conduct screenings at health fairs, corporate wellness events, and other public venues, promoting early detection and prevention

Cost-effectiveness: Portable fundus cameras often have lower initial investment and operating costs compared to desktop models, making them more accessible to smaller practices and perfect for scaling your business

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