Global Launch of New Ultra-Portable Fundus Camera, from epipole, at Vision Expo East (NYC)

March 31, 2022

epiCam: the functionality of desktop retinal imaging, in the palm of your hand

Distributed via PRNewswire:

epipole, an emerging provider of world-class handheld fundus cameras, today announced the global launch of their new epiCam fundus camera to the US Eye Care market, at the Vision Expo East in New York City.

The epiCam is a high-powered, ultra-portable, wireless fundus camera, that captures live high-resolution video footage of the living retina, along with the accompanying still images, using epipole’s new video direct ophthalmoscopy (VDO) platform.

epipole’s CEO had this to say: “We are pleased to introduce our new epiCam to the US Eye Care community at Vision Expo East. We believe the opportunity to view the living retina with live video recording, as well as obtaining industry-standard high-resolution images, in a handheld device weighing just 1lb, is a compelling proposition for eye care professionals seeking to do faster & more in-depth eye exams.

It is epipole’s ambition to deliver outstanding technology that exceeds the expectation of our clinician customers, while ultimately enhancing the lives of their patients.”

epiCam: Handheld fundus Camera

  • Advanced Retinal Imaging, pan & tilt for super-wide field view
  • Dynamic imaging by live video recording of moving tissue & vasculature for detecting small, dynamic changes in ocular fundus
  • Accompanying review platform for review, storage, annotation, and retrieval of previous eye exams for comparison

Key Benefits

  • Image Quality: Multi-illuminant, live video, still images
  • Ease of Use: Handheld, “Always in focus” feature, light and ultra-portable (< 1lb)
  • Practice Efficiency: image directly in exam lane, compact design, remote support enabled
  • Review Station: Proprietary software for immediate review, annotation, retrieval, reporting and more

About epipole

epipole is a disruptive Scottish medical technology company that wants to make a difference in the eye care industry. Together we are solving the hard problems with taking images of the back of the eye, and our breakthrough Video Direct Ophthalmoscopy technology is challenging the way people view the retina.

epipole was founded by Dr Craig Robertson, an expert in imaging systems & algorithm development. 

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