Celebrating Innovation: A Collaborative Journey – Dr. Dorothy Hitchmoth and epipole

November 23, 2023

In the ever-changing world of medical technology, the strides we make are often a result of collaboration, shared vision, and the relentless pursuit of excellence of all those involved.

At epipole, we consider ourselves fortunate to be at the forefront of retinal imaging device manufacturing, and our own ‘journey to excellence’ has been enriched by many invaluable partnerships, such as the one we share with industry pioneer Dr. Hitchmoth, aka ‘America’s Eye Doctor’, and today (at a time of year where it feels particularly appropriate!) we give thanks.

A Shared Vision:

At the heart of our collaboration with Dr. Hitchmoth lies a shared commitment to advancing retinal imaging technology. Dr. Hitchmoth’s groundbreaking work and ceaseless determination to improve the American eyecare industry has inspired us to push the boundaries of what our retinal imaging devices can achieve, what we can deliver for our customers, and how our devices can be used most effectively by those on the front line of eyecare.  

As Dr Hitchmoth herself says:

“Doctors and the healthcare system [in the US] are not keeping pace with the number of people developing eye complications from diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. 

Triage tools for examining these patients need to be faster, better, smaller, and more mobile. The epiCam is one such innovation that meets the critical care needs of the 21st Century.”

Elevating Patient Care:

“The IAPB Vision Atlas and the Lancet Global Health Commission on Global Eye Health report that 90% of vision loss can be prevented or treated.” Source @IAPB

“The ultimate goal of our partnership with Dr. Hitchmoth is to continue to develop and perfect our technology, allowing us to further contribute to the advancement of patient care – along with our fervent support of the importance of annual eye care examinations, of course!” says Sarah Jardine, CEO of epipole.

Sarah adds: “I am proud of how everyone in the company is dedicated to supporting our ‘corporate vision’, which is working towards the ‘Eradication of preventable blindness’. One of the things I was actually most excited to see was Dr. Hitchmoth’s company’s mission being “The prevention of Vision Loss” – Truly a match made in heaven!”

By combining epipole’s technological prowess and engineering excellence with Dr. Hitchmoth’s clinical insights, we continue to develop retinal imaging devices that not only meet, but *exceed* the expectations of healthcare professionals.

As Dr Hitchmoth says herself:

“The portability and efficiency of the epiCam opens a whole world of possibilities for optometrists like us. I can envision numerous applications for this portable device, whether it’s by our patients’ side in the examination chair, improving patient flow in practice, or imaging at the patients’ bedside, as both a diagnostic and triage tool. epipole has truly delivered a product that aligns with the evolving needs of modern optometry.”

Looking Forward:

The journey with incredible professionals like Dr. Hitchmoth is far from over, and we eagerly anticipate the future challenges and triumphs that lie ahead. Our commitment to innovation, fueled by the insights gained from this collaboration, remains steadfast.

Together with industry leaders like Dr. Hitchmoth, we are poised to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of retinal imaging technology, and we couldn’t be more excited to continue our journey.


In the spirit of gratitude, and the giving of thanks this week, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Hitchmoth for being a stalwart ally, and a source of support and enthusiasm for what we do here at epipole.  

Together, we look forward to shaping a future where the possibilities for improving patient outcomes are boundless.

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