The epiCam C is a colour, hand-held fundus camera

Retinal video is a game changer. With some patients you sometimes get only one chance for a good retinal image, but with lossless live retinal video you can extract the best still images later.

You can pan and tilt the device to see retina beyond the conventional desktop camera field of view, and being non-contact and lightweight, you can take it to your seated or prone patients of all ages.

It connects to a standard Windows laptop, PC or tablet via USB cable and has no battery to charge.

The epiCam C is affordable as your primary imaging device or as a complement to much more expensive devices.

epiCam C is included on the IAPB Standard List of curated quality eye care equipment.


epiCam C has found use in paediatric clinics where recording lossless video ensures you don't miss the one clear view of the retina of a wriggling child.

It's showing great promise as a non-contact, more affordable alternative to traditional ROP screening. Its small size even lets it be used within the incubator.

Its portability allows ophthalmologists to take their clinics to the patient, enabling high quality care in the community.


Watch retinal video captured by epiCam


Easy at the eye, the adjustable low-power illumination needs no flash. Image settings can be adjusted in real time to optimise for every patient.

Still images of a 33° vertical x 45° horizontal field are stored from video, which allows real-time exploration across a very wide field view. epiCam C resolves details below 10μm in size.

  • In USB3 mode, images of 2592 x 1944 pixels (5 megapixels) are stored and the full optical resolution is utilised. USB3 mode requires a laptop or tablet with an Intel Core i5 processor or better.
  • In USB2 mode, images of 1296 x 972 pixels are stored.

EpiCam C can correct focus in excess of ±15D and is non-mydriatic (dilating eye drops not essential) with pupil sizes above 4mm. It also takes great images of the anterior segment.

epiCam C's patented design uses custom-made optics and electronics to make high quality, portable retinal imaging accessible to all. Epicam's patented optics were designed by renowned expert Bob Henderson.


High-quality images from a portable device, at a revolutionary price

  • Typical Desktop
    Fundus Camera
  • Medium to High
  • ISO10940
  • Desktop based
  • Windows PC or laptop
  • Bespoke, often at extra cost
  • CE Marked, ISO 13485 compliant
  • Still images
  • 35-45° plus eye steering
  • Bespoke high-index glass & coatings
  • Bespoke sensor board or SLR camera
  • White flash with red and red-free filtering
  • Typical
  • Low
  • None
  • Hand held
  • Specific, regulatory approved compatible smartphone
  • Bespoke app
  • Some are CE Marked
  • Video & stills
  • 5-20° claimed
  • Miniature plastic
  • Miniature general-purpose sensor
  • White phone flash


Patient management, capture and review software included

Everything you need to capture and review epiCam images and videos is included as standard.

The patient database allows you to add new patients and recall existing ones while also keeping track of all your imaging sessions. Images and videos are stored in lossless file formats ensuring no compression artefacts and are automatically filed by patient and date for easy recall.

Review capabilities allow you to easily step through your videos and extract still frames which can be enhanced and exported as required making them available for referral.

Epipole's secure cloud backup is optional, and free. No patient-identifiable data is sent to the cloud; just the images.

epiCam Viewer works with both epiCam C and epiCam M. We are continually adding new capabilities in partnership with our customers. Updates are issued free of charge.

Current customers can download the latest software here.

Note: epiCam C was referred to internally as Project Seafire during development, and some early published research refers to the epiCam C as Epipole Seafire.


Watch videos explaining video playback, image extraction and enhancement


The epiCam C is a CE marked Class I medical device, for use by medical professionals for imaging the retina.

It meets the safety and performance criteria in ISO 10940, the international standard for ophthalmic instruments & fundus cameras.

Epipole is MHRA approved CA014678 and ISO13485 certified MD620592


The epiCam C connects to a laptop, PC or tablet running Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.

epicam C adapts to the USB port it is connected to. For high resolution mode, a USB3 port is needed.

epiCam C requires a recent generation Core i5 processor or better.


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