Optic disc retinal image taken with epicam


High resolution, hand held, retinal fundus camera


The epiCam is a hand-held, digital retinal fundus camera - available now for a remarkably low price

Great images

Designed primarily for the detection & monitoring of diabetic retinopathy, epiCam is optimised for viewing vasculature.

See the detail

The epiCam can resolve details down to 9μm, enabling early detection of microaneurysms and other very small features.

Real-time video

The epiCam video retinal camera allows you to examine areas of interest in real time, and freezes and stores images when desired.

Take it with you

Light, robust and portable, the epiCam connects to a standard laptop, tablet or PC and has no internal battery to charge.


Diabetic retinopathy is a leading cause of preventable blindness

The prevalence of diabetes is rising globally (422 million people in 2014), with the sharpest increase in low- and middle-income countries, where it has more than doubled since 1980.

75% of people with diabetes will develop some form of DR in their lifetime, and it will affect poorest people the most. Without access to effective diabetic retinopathy screening (DRS) programmes with follow-up advice and treatment, millions of people will go blind from this preventable disease.


Clinical utility in challenging situations

Existing fundus cameras are typically complex and expensive (£20,000-50,000) desktop systems.

To be of benefit, first and foremost any camera must deliver high quality images, suitable for grading and able to resolve very small microaneurysms.

The device must be affordable for a developing healthcare environment; it should be robust, small and portable. It should be usable by minimally-trained staff and must enable telemedicine and remote diagnosis.


Low-cost, hand held retinal photography

Epipole developed the epiCam to be appropriate for the realities of healthcare in developing economies.

With custom-designed, high-quality optics and electronics in a patented arrangement, it can resolve features just 9 microns across. It meets ISO10940, the international standard for fundus cameras, yet weighs only 185g. It connects to a laptop or tablet. It shoots video for real-time examination and saves easily shared images.

It costs just £1500, subject to any local taxes.


Epipole is an innovative, engineering-led company tackling the causes of preventable blindness

A team of optics, imaging and eyecare experts led by Dr Craig Robertson and featuring multiple award-winning optical engineer Bob Henderson, Epipole is creating and deploying cutting edge technology at a revolutionary price point.

Based in Scotland, UK, Epipole's products take on diseases that cause preventable blindness, wherever they occur in the world. Learn more about us here.


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